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PlanAhead was designed by Milliman, Inc. ("Milliman") solely for use by the participants in the pension plans sponsored by our clients and authorized guests.

  • PlanAhead is a projection tool that uses approximations and assumptions. It is not intended as a source of precise benefit calculations nor as a tool for tax advice. Rates of return used in the approximations are hypothetical, and actual returns on investments may be different.
  • The assumptions used in PlanAhead may or may not reflect actual federal and state laws, investment rates of return, or other factors (including, but not limited to, factors that may change in the future).
  • PlanAhead requires the use (including, in certain cases, the storage and retrieval) of your personal information, including nonpublic personal financial information. By using PlanAhead, you consent to such use by Milliman the purpose of providing you access to the tool.

PlanAhead is a product of Milliman, Inc.

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